Chainsaw Man Manga Theories Suggest Two Chainsaw Men After Chapter 111’s Twist

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 Two Chainsaw Men

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 Two Chainsaw Men

Aside from the anime, the Chainsaw Man manga is also ongoing, and the latest chapter saw a big twist. This prompted Chainsaw Man fans to come up with a new theory of there being two Chainsaw Men.

Specifically, fans on Twitter and Reddit are discussing the reasons a figure that looks a lot like Denji’s devil form attacked one of the series’ new characters.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 Story Summary

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The latest chapter opened with Asa Mitaka as she opens the door to see Yuko who is still alive despite Denji’s attack.

Though Yuko still retains her devil form due to the events of the recent fight at the school.

Instead of attacking Asa, Yuko is remorseful about what happened. She also confessed that saving Asa from bullies is just a front for what she truly desired.

Yuko then shared that she was leaving to see a devil hunter relative who may be able to turn her back into a human.

She also warned Asa not to make a contract with the Justice Devil who is still at the school.

Their conversation ended on a touching note with Asa giving her a pair of sneakers.

They then say their goodbyes, with Yuko promising to return Asa’s shoes in the future.

The manga then shows a panel with Asa in bed and Denji sleeping. It also shows Yuko’s head while apparently sleeping, but the last page has a devilish twist.

At the end of the chapter, it’s shown that Yuko was killed by someone that seems to be Chainsaw Man, at least based on its shadow.

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Two Chainsaw Men Theory

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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

As Denji was shown sleeping, fans went into overdrive as they tried to think of theories about what exactly is going on.

On the Reddit discussion thread, there are lots of theories about what is happening. Though the prevailing theory is that there is another Chainsaw Man on the loose.

But there are many variations of this theory. Some believe that there’s a Copy Devil that can copy Denji.

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On the other hand, there are those who think that Pochita might be a different devil and that this new foe is the real Chainsaw Devil.

There’s also a Twitter theory that gained traction recently. According to this theory, this new enemy is a devil born from the perception of Denji as the Chainsaw Man superhero in the events following Part 1.

It is a rather complicated theory, though some fans believe it to be true.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll have to wait for Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 to be released to find out more.

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