Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 Kickstarts Villainous Yoshida Theories

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 has finally dropped and we got to learn what happened to Asa Mitaka after her friend Yuko visited her following the Justice Devil encounter. The chapter focused on how Asa and Yuko were still pretty much the same despite the latter becoming a Devil, but it concludes with a major shocker that has people theorizing that Hirofumi Yoshida is the real villain.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 Spoilers

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In Chainsaw Man Chapter 111, the transformed Yuko simply wanted to say goodbye to Asa. She apologized for making a contract with the Justice Devil, admitting that she only wanted to be as popular as Chainsaw Man. Before she leaves, Asa notices that Yuko is barefooted and insists on giving her shoes. The whole thing mirrors their first interaction and they laugh about it.

When Yuko leaves, she sees a flock of birds and wishes she could read their minds as well before going to sleep. When she wakes up, she realizes she has been decapitated by a figure resembling Chainsaw Man.

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It's clear that this isn't Denji because the previous panel shows him sleeping with Makima's dogs. So who could this figure be? Considering his absence in the aforementioned panel, fans are convinced that Yoshida had killed Yuko.

This isn't exactly a long shot since Yoshida is also the only one known to have a contract with the Octopus Devil. Although its powers are still mostly unknown, fans are convinced that the devil can mimic other devils' forms just like a regular octopus.

We're not sure if Yoshida is the Chainsaw Man copycat but it would be an interesting revelation if this is confirmed. In the meantime, we'll have to wait until the next chapter to find out.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 is now out. The anime's Episode 6, titled Kill Denji, has also been released on the same day.

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