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Why Is Pochita a Dog in Chainsaw Man?

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Why Is Pochita a Dog in Chainsaw Man Pochita

One of the most popular characters in Chainsaw Man is Pochita. He looks like a small orange dog-like devil with a chainsaw protruding from the center of his head. He even has a short tail that looks like a chainsaw’s pull cord, but is Pochita really a dog? Or does he have another form we don’t know yet?

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What Is Pochita in Chainsaw Man?

Despite being a cute character, Pochita is actually a Chainsaw Devil who embodies the fear of chainsaws. He was known to be the original Chainsaw Man. In his devil-dog form, Pochita communicates through whines and barks, as typical dogs do.

But this eventually changes once he fuses with Denji as the latter's heart. After their fusion, the two of them can communicate through each other’s minds.

He also appears in Denji’s dreams and consistently reminds him not to “open the door.”

What is Pochita in Chainsaw Man Pochita
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Pochita once hated humans but this changed after Denji saved him. He started to care more about Denji to the point that he was willing to give his own heart to save his human.

He has proven to know Denji a lot to the point that he could also mimic Denji’s personality.

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What Are Pochita’s Forms?

What are Pochita’s Forms Denji and Pochita
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Pochita has three main forms namely, the Devil form (near-death state), the normal form, and the Hybrid form. Let's delve deeper into these forms below:

  • Near-death state – In this form, Pochita became a small orange canine Devil with a chainsaw protruding from the middle of his head. This form allows him to be wielded like a chainsaw, and as previously mentioned, his tail looks like a chainsaw’s pull cord.
  • Normal form – In this form, Pochita is a large humanoid Devil. He has four arms, each with a chainsaw. He also has a chainsaw in front of his head. His intestine is wrapped around his neck and connected to his stomach. This makes the intestine look like a collar or scarf.
  • Hybrid form – Denji and Pochita become one after Pochita fused his heart with Denji. When this happened, the two of them had a Hybrid form. Denji became the Chainsaw Man and the chainsaw cord appeared on his chest. This state made Pochita smaller without the chainsaw on his head and all the blood vessels and handles. Pochita only has his canine face, with Denji’s cord connected to the former's head.

There were theories that Pochita’s true form was derived from a character called Black Gauna from the manga series entitled Abara.

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw Man, revealed that the series was one of his inspirations behind Chainsaw Man.

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