Chainsaw Man Manga Reveals Potential Kobeni Sibling

Chainsaw Man Kobeni Sibling

Chainsaw Man Kobeni Sibling

Kobeni is one of the most popular characters in Chainsaw Man, and it seems that there are two of them now. This is because, in the latest chapter, the Chainsaw Man manga introduced a new character who seems to be a potential Kobeni sibling.

The latest chapter picks up right where Chapter 113 left off, with Asa Mitaka and Denji together at the aquarium.

But instead of being by themselves, the two happen upon other familiar faces, though there is one new character.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 spoilers in this article.

Eternity Devil Returns

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In Chapter 113, Asa and Denji finally went on a date, though it did not turn out great. Instead of Denji being to blame, it’s actually Asa’s fault that the date is going horribly.

Things go from awkward to incredibly bad as Fami, one of the Four Horsemen, makes an appearance.

It seems that the Eternity Devil is under Fami’s control as the aquarium hallway becomes infinite as soon as she leaves.

According to Fami, Asa will be stuck there until she manages to turn Denji into a weapon.

Chapter 114 picks up right after Denji and Asa realize that they’re trapped.

While many fans expected the two to be stuck there by themselves, it turns out that other people are also in the aquarium, including the “fake” Chainsaw Man as well as Yoshida.

Also with them are two members of their school’s Devil Hunter club, including someone that looks and acts a lot like the scaredy cat Kobeni from Part 1.

While not yet confirmed, fans already believe this new character to be Kobeni’s sibling.

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Possible Kobeni Sibling Appearance

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Kobeni is best known for her nervous breakdowns and her iconic hair clips, and this new character looks a lot like her, in addition to having his own hair clips.

Their similar appearance and accessories are strong indications that this new character is indeed Kobeni’s sibling.

What makes the connection even stronger is that he mentions how he only joined the Devil Hunter club because his parents forced him to.

These similarities are too much to ignore for fans, so many already assume that he is one of Kobeni’s many siblings.

After all, a bonus Chainsaw Man page already showed Kobeni’s little sister who also wears hairpins.

As Kobeni is a popular character, many manga readers were happy to see her presumed brother, but many were confused by his appearance as his face looks quite feminine even though he wears a male uniform.

Currently, it’s not 100% confirmed if he is indeed Kobeni’s brother.

Though what’s certain is that we’ll probably see more of him in the next Chainsaw Man manga chapter which releases next week on Manga Plus.

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