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Chainsaw Man Fans Tell Haters to Apologize After Kobeni's Epic Moment

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Kobeni

While Makima got the most screen time in the latest episode, Kobeni also got her own epic moment. In response, Chainsaw Man fans have begun telling Kobeni haters to apologize following Episode 9’s release.

If you go on Twitter or Reddit, chances are that you’ll come across discussions about Kobeni.

There, many Kobeni fans have been rejoicing after finally seeing her in action since she mostly just panicked and broke down during the Eternity Devil fight.

Chainsaw Man Fans Don't Like Kobeni

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Kobeni was first shown in Episode 4, but she was properly introduced only in Episode 5.

Since then, Kobeni has been nothing but a nervous wreck. While her reactions make sense given the life-and-death situations they're faced with, she does stand out compared to the likes of Aki and Denji.

During the fight against the Eternity Devil, Kobeni broke down crying multiple times, much to the enjoyment of Power. Kobeni has also tried to kill Denji twice in exchange for their freedom from the Eternity Devil.

But when Denji finally beat the devil, fans got to see more of Kobeni’s non-panicking side.

In fact, some fans came around to like her at this point.

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Despite this, Kobeni is still seen by many as one of the show’s most annoying characters.

Just recently, a Japanese poll revealed that fans consider her to be the most annoying character in the series, along with Himeno.

This opinion is also shared by many anime-only fans outside Japan as there’s a sizeable number of viewers who simply don’t like Kobeni.

Regardless, many manga readers were expecting haters to change their opinion of Kobeni once she finally got to flex her skills.

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Kobeni’s Epic Episode 9 Moment

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While it seemed that Kobeni was shot in Episode 8, it was revealed that Arai took a bullet for her instead.

Instead of panicking, Kobeni quickly dispatches and shoots the gun-wielding assailant.

Soon after, Kobeni faces off against Akane Sawatari and Katana Man. While Katana Man isn’t able to transform, Akane still had the Snake Devil.

Though this did little to deter Kobeni as she managed to evade the Snake Devil’s attacks with her parkour skills.

She also shot Katana Man and prevented them from getting Denji.

In typical Kobeni fashion though, she still broke down crying after all the action went down, and she even decided to quit. Despite this, the scene still showed how strong she is.

Following the latest episode’s release, Kobeni fans came out of the woodwork to tell haters to apologize, both on Twitter and on Reddit.

At this point, it seems that the hate for Kobeni has died down as she has shown that she’s not as useless as she seemed during the Eternity Devil arc.

Want to see more of Kobeni? You’ll want to mark your calendars for the next Chainsaw Man episode which will be released next week.

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