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Chainsaw Man Fanart Shows What Asa Would Look Like in the Anime

chainsaw man asa anime
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Shonen Jump+

The anime’s first season only covered the events up to the Katana Man arc, but that hasn’t stopped Chainsaw Man fans from imagining what Asa and Part 2’s events will look like in the anime.

Specifically, a dedicated fan has been making fanart of Chainsaw Man Part 2. And while they seem like standard recolors at first, they are made in the style of MAPPA’s anime adaptation.

Spoilers Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Part 2 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man: Denji x Asa’s Date

chainsaw man asa mitaka manga
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Shonen Jump+

Part 2 has been going on for months now, and while we’ve seen a fair share of action, many fans noted that the manga has become a romantic comedy.

This is because Asa and Denji’s burgeoning relationship is now the main point of the story.

While their initial encounters weren’t great, the two suddenly went on a date as Yoru wanted Asa to turn Denji into a weapon.

Their date did not start off well, with Denji being bored to tears by Asa’s insistence on dropping paragraphs of marine biology facts.

Soon, the two find themselves stuck in the aquarium that stretched out to infinity because of Fami and the Eternity Devil’s work. Though this proved to be the right situation for the two to get along.

They eventually make their way out thanks to Asa’s power. While being accompanied home by Denji, Yoru points out that Asa has fallen for Denji.

Soon, they’ll go on another date at Denji’s house.

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Chainsaw Man Part 2 Asa and Denji Anime Fanart

chainsaw man asa and denji
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Shonen Jump+

Many fans are excited about how the story is turning out, with many hoping that nothing bad happens to Denji.

There’s also excitement about the potential first proper appearance of Nayuta in Part 2.

It’ll be years before we see this part of the story get animated, but that hasn’t stopped fans from imagining what this Chainsaw Man rom-com will be like in the anime.

One such fan is @LaillNii on Twitter who shared fanart of Denji and Asa’s aquarium date in the style of MAPPA’s anime:

It might seem simple, but it’s impressive how the artist captured the colors and the style of the anime, enough that they seem like actual screenshots.

Many fans on Twitter also thought the same as the post got over 45k likes.

Because of this, fans are hoping that the anime gets renewed to the point that Part 2 is also adapted.

You’ll also have to wait a bit longer for the manga’s story to continue though as Chainsaw Man is currently on a break this week.

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