Chainsaw Man Exhibit Shares Sneak Peek at Behind-the-Scenes Art and Merch

Chainsaw Man Exhibit Makima

Chainsaw Man Exhibit Makima

While there’s no word yet on a second season, MAPPA gave fans a treat with this new sneak peek at the Chainsaw Man anime exhibit that features behind-the-scenes art and exclusive merch.

This new exhibit for the anime is open beginning today in Tokyo, but for those who can’t visit, fans are given a look at what’s inside as various cast members were given a tour inside.

From the looks of it, the exhibit is a must-visit for Chainsaw Man fans in the country, as well as for those who are able to visit Japan.

Chainsaw Man Anime Exhibit

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It’s been nearly two months now since the end of the first season, yet Chainsaw Man is still being hyped up, possibly because a new season might get announced at an upcoming March event.

But before we can get to that event, this new exhibit treats fans to some exclusive drawings and storyboards from MAPPA that were used during the anime’s production.

Aside from the artworks on display, there are also various spots where fans can take photos, including one that recreates the cinema in the show’s opening.

Any anime exhibit in Japan wouldn’t be complete without merch, and this exhibit is no exception.

Fans who visit the exhibit will get a free print featuring new art of the Chainsaw Man characters with movie theater snacks.

In case that’s not enough, the exhibit also sells lots of other goodies ranging from key holders, pin badges, clear files, and many more.

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Chainsaw Man Exhibit Sneak Peek

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The art and the cool photo spots make this exhibit a treat for fans of the series.

Moreover, Chainsaw Man's voice actors and singers gave a sneak peek to those who won’t be able to visit Japan within the exhibit dates.

Ahead of the exhibit’s opening today, voice actors such as Mariya Ise (Himeno) and Karin Takahashi (Kobeni), shared a look at the exhibit, including the photo spots and the life-size statues of Denji, Makima, and company.

For Chainsaw Man superfans who are willing and able to go to Japan, the exhibit is open now until April 23, 2023, at the Seibu Shibuya Movida Building in Tokyo.

Tickets for the exhibit are priced at JPY 1,800 (around USD 13.30) for advanced purchases and JPY 2,000 (around USD 14.80) for same-day purchases.

More info on the exhibit can be found on the website.

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