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Himeno VA Apologizes After Chainsaw Man Episode 7's Vomit Kiss Scene

Chainsaw Man Himeno VA

It’s fair to say that the latest Chainsaw Man episode elicited a lot of strong reactions. And in response, Himeno VA Mariya Ise apologized for the recent Chainsaw Man Episode 7 vomit scene.

On Twitter, Ise tweeted several reactions to the latest episode via her personal account.

Among these reactions is an apology to Denji for the disgusting barf scene which definitely traumatized him.

Chainsaw Man’s Infamous Vomit Kiss Scene

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This scene is already infamous among manga readers, and finally, anime-only Chainsaw Man fans have finally experienced the gag-worthy scene too.

Though this scene happens in the latter part of the episode as it opens with Denji jumping head-on to face the Eternity Devil.

While it seems that Denji has no chance against the ever-growing devil, he manages to beat it through sheer tenacity. This is because he kept fighting by drinking the Eternity Devil’s blood.

After three days of fighting, the Eternity Devil gives up and lets Denji kill him.

With this, the devil hunters manage to escape the hotel and retrieve a piece of the Gun Devil.

Following the mission, the group goes to a restaurant to celebrate and get to know the new members of the team.

Here, Denji reminds Himeno of her promised French kiss, to which Himeno says she’ll give him a juicy one after getting some drinks.

Himeno delivers on her promise, though her kiss is a bit too juicy as she proceeds to vomit in Denji’s mouth.

Regrettably, Denji swallows this as his reflex is to swallow anything with nutritional value.

While the scene is censored, it’s not enough to shield viewers from the horror of the vomit kiss.

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Himeno VA Apologizes for Barf Scene

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It’s fair to say that the scene disgusted many fans as it is quite graphic even with the censorship.

Nonetheless, it seems many are still enjoying the wild ride that is Chainsaw Man.

While the episode was airing, Himeno VA Mariya Ise shared some of her thoughts on Twitter.

She also sent out an apology tweet directed to Denji for the traumatic experience that he got.

Funnily enough, Ise’s apology was not directed to fans. In fact, she even tweeted a cheeky "good morning~" with a kiss the morning after the episode aired in Japan.

Whatever you think of the scene, it’s fair to say that this moment will be one that many anime fans will remember, for better or for worse.

You’ll get to see more of Himeno and Denji in the next Chainsaw Man episode when it airs next week.

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