Chainsaw Man Episode 1 October 11 Release Date and September Stage Event Confirmed

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Release Date October

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Release Date October

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After early reports of an official release date, Chainsaw Man Episode 1 is finally confirmed to release on October 11, 2022. Along with its release, an upcoming stage event was also announced which will reveal new info.

The official announcement was made via the Chainsaw Man Twitter account. There, details including streaming platforms, the time of the release, and the fan event were revealed.

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Ahead of the official announcement, the show’s release date was leaked yesterday by leakers on Twitter.

As for the date itself, the release is listed for October 11 at 24:00 JST (technically 12 AM on the following day). It will first be broadcast on TV Tokyo followed by a release on Prime Video an hour after.

The show’s midnight release on a weekday is an interesting strategy considering big seasonal shows typically get released during weekends.

Though the release schedule may have been decided given how stacked the Fall 2022 season is, with big shows such as Spy x Family Part 2 and My Hero Academia Season 6.

Chainsaw Man is an anime series by MAPPA that’s based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The first part of the manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020.

The manga is currently one of Shueisha’s biggest hits, with the recent debut of Part 2 back in July getting over 3 million views in under 24 hours in Japan alone.

The series is set in an alternate world where devils roam the Earth. Each devil is an embodiment of a human fear, and the more it’s feared, the more powerful the devil becomes.

Its story follows Denji, a teenager who finds himself stuck in debt after his father passed away.

While working for a yakuza group, Denji is betrayed, but he survives when his pet named Pochita fuses with him and transforms him into a powerful chainsaw devil hybrid.

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Along with the Chainsaw Man Episode 1 October 11 release date reveal, an upcoming September stage event was also announced.

This stage event will take place alongside the previously announced fan premiere. Though more info has now been revealed, including the fact that “super important information” will be announced.

While there’s no word yet on what exactly will be announced, a reveal of the opening theme and more cast members will likely be shared.

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