Chainsaw Man’s English Dub Voice Actors Reveal How They Got Their Roles

Chainsaw Man dub cast power

Chainsaw Man dub cast power

Even before the anime began airing, Chainsaw Man already had a massive fanbase. Because of this, the roles of the main cast were highly coveted. Recently, the Chainsaw Man English dub cast revealed how they got their big roles.

The English voice actors of Denji, Aki, Power, and Makima were interviewed by BuzzFeed.

There, they shared how they found out about the series and what their audition process was like.

Chainsaw Man English Voice Cast

In case you missed their reveal, the English voice cast of Chainsaw Man includes Ryan Colt Levy as Denji, Reagan Murdock as Aki, Sarah Wiedenheft as Power, and Suzie Yeung as Makima.

Of the four, Ryan is the biggest fan of the series. In the interview, he shared that he is a big fan of the Chainsaw Man manga even before the auditions started. Though he said that he re-read the manga four times before he auditioned.

Meanwhile, Reagan already knew what Chainsaw Man was, though he only read the manga around the time of his audition.

He then became a fan of the series, and he especially wanted to play the role of Aki Hayakawa.

Sarah and Suzie also had a similar experience as Reagan, as both knew about the series beforehand, but they haven’t read the manga yet during the beginning of their audition.

The difference is that Sarah and Suzie binged the manga after they got their roles.

From there, they understood the hype behind the series and why it’s such a highly anticipated anime.

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Chainsaw Man English Dub VAs Share Their Audition Experience

chainsaw man english dub chainsaw man
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As for their auditions, the four main cast members shared which scene was used to try out for their roles.

Ryan was the first to share that he auditioned with the scene involving Denji sitting on a log with Pochita and saying his ambitions.

According to Ryan, this scene shows Denji’s layered and deep characterization.

For Reagan, he auditioned with Aki’s scene from Episode 2, just before getting hit in the balls by Denji.

He said that the challenge with this scene was conveying Aki’s thoughts and feelings while keeping his subdued tone, as seen in this clip:

Meanwhile, Suzie’s audition had her speaking Makima’s lines from the trailer, which you can check out here:

She mentioned that she thought Makima has a measured speaking voice, and so that’s the direction she went with.

Finally, Sarah auditioned with Power’s lines from Episode 2 when talking about Meowy.

Sarah said that she referred to the scene in the manga and the first trailer to form a basis for her Power voice.

To find out how the voice actors' preparations translated into the final product, you may catch the new episodes of Chainsaw Man’s English dub on Crunchyroll.

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