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Aki Hayakawa Looks Smoking Hot on the Cover of Anan Magazine

Aki Hayakawa Magazine Cover

As the hype continues for Chainsaw Man, so is the promotion of the anime. Recently, Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man was revealed to be on the cover of anan magazine in Japan, and fans are loving his smoking hot look.

The magazine cover was revealed on the official Chainsaw Man Twitter account. There, the cover was shown, with details about the magazine issue also being shared.

Aki Hayakawa Magazine Cover

chainsaw man aki hayakawa magazine cover
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Aki Hayakawa is one of the three main characters in Chainsaw Man. He works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter who is tasked to look over Denji and Power.

Even before the anime began airing, Aki already had lots of fans. In fact, Aki topped the second Chainsaw Man manga popularity poll back in early 2021.

Specifically, Aki was in the top three during the first poll.

The new anime adaptation introduced even more anime fans to Aki, leading him to trend after the new episodes were released.

Given this, it’s no surprise to see him grace the cover of a magazine.

In case you’re unfamiliar, anan is one of the first weekly women’s magazines and is consequently the best-selling magazine of its type in the country.

This latest cover sees Aki lighting a cigarette with dramatic lighting.

Specifically, Aki graces the cover and the back cover of the magazine’s latest special edition issue.

This special issue also has an exclusive feature on the inside as a treat for Chainsaw Man fans.

Plus, the design comes in a color and monochrome version.

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Fans React to Aki’s Magazine Cover

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, fans were enamored with this new art of Aki.

If you look at the replies to the tweet, there’s a mix of Japanese and international fans professing their love for Aki.

One of the funniest replies is from a Japanese fan asking if this new cover of Aki is a religious painting, complete with a picture of a matching baroque painting.

Along with this, there are lots of other replies from fans that are delighted by this dramatic cover.

Can’t get enough of Aki? You’ll see more of him in the next Chainsaw Man episode which will release next week.

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