Chainsaw Man’s Best Girl: Female Characters Ranked

Chainsaw Man's Best Girl Female Characters Ranked Power

Chainsaw Man's Best Girl Female Characters Ranked Power

Chainsaw Man has some of the strongest and fiercest female characters in recent history. They are well-written and command great screen and panel presence, just like their male counterparts. But who reigns supreme? Without further ado, here are the best girls in Chainsaw Man!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga and anime.

  1. Akane Sawatari

    Akane is a human and ex-civilian devil hunter who works for the Gun Devil.

    She is a young woman who usually appears in an oversized hoodie and shorts.

    She has short hair and eyes that look like split pupils, similar to a snake.

    Akane is usually calm, but when her subordinates were dropping dead because of Makima’s counterattack, she panicked.

    Akane can summon the Snake Devil at will because she has a contract with the said devil.

    However, she cannot summon the Snake Devil when her hands are tied because she uses hand motions to do the summoning ritual.

  2. Princi

    Princi is the Spider Devil who embodies the fear of spiders. She is a public safety devil hunter that's part of the Tokyo Special Division 4.

    Princi looks like a woman with black hair but she has eight legs with pointy ends that can pierce through flesh. She is usually shown wearing a knee-length skirt and a shirt.

    She is seen as a polite and docile being but will not think twice before killing someone who looks at her the wrong way.

    Princi is a bold character in Chainsaw Man. This was evident when she attacked the Darkness Devil and remained expressionless when the devil mutilated her.

    She is also fiercely loyal to Makima and will do anything for her. Despite her personal differences with Makima, she follows her orders to a T.

    As a devil, Princi can go under the ground and come out with a surprise attack against her enemies. She can also unfurl her zipper to summon Makima.

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  3. Kobeni Higashiyama

    Kobeni is an ex-public safety devil hunter who was initially part of Makima’s experimental squad.

    However, she later resigned from the job after the battle in Hell against the Darkness Devil.

    She is a petite woman who wears a professional suit and dons two hair clips while at work.

    Kobeni is known to be easily frightened but she also has her moments of bravery.

    The battle against the Eternity Devil left her paralyzed due to fright. As such, Kobeni gives in to pressure and is known to take drastic steps when she has her back against the wall.

    Despite being termed a coward, Kobeni is an efficient fighter when she is in the middle of a battle.

    Her timidness holds her back in most cases but her skills are that of a great fighter.

    Kobeni is in a contract with an unknown devil whom she likes to keep a secret. Her primary choice of weapon is a knife.

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  4. Himeno

    Himeno works under Makima’s special squad as a public safety devil hunter. She is Aki Hayakawa’s partner who is currently mentoring Denji.

    Himeno was also part of Denji’s bodyguard squad when the Gun Devil was targeting him.

    She is known to be a mature person and the new recruits in the team look up to her for guidance.

    She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and is quickly able to incapacitate Kobeni during a battle.

    After sacrificing her right eye permanently to use the power of the Ghost Devil, she wore an eye patch and could summon the right arm of the Ghost Devil.

    The hand of the devil is invisible and is considerably strong to inflict massive wounds into the flesh of the Eternity Devil.

  5. Reze

    Reze or Lady Reze is a Bomb Devil hybrid who was sent to Japan from the Soviet Union. Her mission was to get her hands on Chainsaw Man’s heart.

    In her human form, Reze looks like a young woman. After transforming though, she turns into an atomic bomb and resembles the Fat Man atom bomb that exploded over Nagasaki in World War II.

    Reze has a gentle and kind personality. After meeting Denji, she fell for him.

    She was enthusiastic around him and did not shy away from getting intimate with him.

    However, it was all part of her plan to get closer to Denji by any means possible.

    In terms of her powers, as soon as she pulls the pin on her neck, she explodes like a grenade and enters her hybrid form.

    Reze also uses her headless decoy technique to distract her enemies.

    However, water is her weakness as she cannot use her explosive abilities when she is wet.

    In her normal human form, she is an expert knife user and is great at hand-to-hand combat.

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  6. Makima

    Makima is a master manipulator and is revealed to be the embodiment of the Control Devil.

    Her primary aim is to harness the immeasurable powers of Chainsaw Man and destroy the ideals of all devils.

    She is counted amongst the strongest characters in Chainsaw Man because of her manipulative tactics against her opponents. She embodies the fear of control and it allows her to dominate her enemies in combat.

    Moreover, she can use the powers of the Future Devil, Snake Devil, Angel Devil, Spider Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil.

    She can also do force manipulation to crush the heads of her enemies. She is also shown using her sword to remove the heads of her opponents.

    Makima is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and even beat Denji too.

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  7. Power

    Taking the number one spot is Power, the blood devil fiend and Denji and Aki's roommate.

    In her fiend form, she has yellow and red eyes in a cross-patterned form and sharp teeth.

    Power also has red horns coming out of her head. When she accumulates a lot of blood, the horns get bigger and more curved.

    As the Blood Fiend, she appears intimidating, enough that her scent could scare away other devils.

    Primarily, she can manipulate her blood to create any kind of weapon she wants. She can also distort her opponent’s regenerative technique by mixing her own blood.

    She is a master trickster who can easily manipulate her targets.

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Is your fave on this list? Who do you think is the best girl in Chainsaw Man?

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