19 Feb 2019 9:39 AM +00:00 UTC

Captain Marvel Reactions Will Be Revealed Tonight

It looks like some critics were able to see Captain Marvel in advance and they are withholding their opinions on the latest MCU installment. Until today, at least. While they aren't allowed to give scores or grades, opinions on the movie can be shared on social media, which will probably get fans excited. Fans are already expecting a solid MCU experience, thanks to that patented Marvel movie formula, but it would be nice to know if it was more than that.

Critics like Brandon and Erik Davis have teased sharing their thoughts, telling fans that they will have to wait a bit longer before they share them. That's just how embargos work ladies and gents since these two aren't even allowed to share a grade or score until that particular rule has been lifted. Let's all hope for good things?

Aside from being another MCU movie, fans are hoping that the movie is able to give them clues in regards to Avengers: Endgame. Most importantly, fans want to know how Carol Danvers ends up helping the Avengers and why she hasn't been active since the '90s. Samuel L. Jackson has teased the fact that the cosmic heroine can time travel and she might not even need to use the Quantum Realm.

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8. Don't forget to stay after the credits, which will likely have huge connections to Avengers: Endgame.

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