Captain America’s Chris Evans May Transform as Lead Role for Jekyll Film

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Chris Evans may be the epitome of good-boy, ol' American charm—and not just because we all know and love him as Captain America.

But for his next gig, Evans may be donning a more challenging role because he'll be essentially playing a two-in-one man. We're talking about the upcoming film from Lionsgate, which will take off from the BBC One series Jekyll.


According to Deadline, Evans has become attached to play the lead role of Tom Jackman. It seems that the movie version will also be basing its script off the six-episode.

If the report is right, then it will not be the known story from the novel, but rather a more original take that sees Jekyll's descendant Jackman and his struggle against the other, Hyde personality. The BBC One series is also an adaptation instead of a re-telling of the classic. As a modern-day thriller, Jekyll here is in the persona of Jackman, and the struggle starts when he sets his eyes on Jackman's wife.

Other names have already been linked to the film, including Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman as producers via A Very Good Production and Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry for the script. So far, there's no word yet on who the director will be.

I've never seen Evans in a role that's not heroic, sweet or charming yet, so this will definitely be a must-see.

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