05 Jul 2016 9:04 AM +00:00 UTC

Captain America Gets 2 Costumes, Ultron Goes Power Crazy In Marvel Heroes 2016

Still playing Marvel Heroes 2016? Then now's the time to give Captain America a new makeover. Developer Gazillion Entertainment has released some new content add-on, and among those are two costumes for the Star-Spangled hero.

There are two new costumes for Captain America, the first of which is the all-new and all-different costume. For starters, as seen in the image above, there's something very different about his shield.

The second costume is a female Captain America based on the character American Dream, seen on the cover of the Avengers Next comic. American Dream is actually Peggy Carter's niece, Shannon Carter.


These are just some of the costumes that came out in a couple of Marvel games for Steve Rogers' alter ego. It seems that following Captain America: Civil War, there's just a lot of buzz surrounding Cap.

Marvel Heroes 2016 players will also get a new playable character Ultron. According to Cosmic Book News, Ultron will be the game's 58th playable character, with Tom Kane lending his voice to the character.

Gazillion Entertainment confirmed that the team had aimed to give Ultron that all-powerful appeal as a playable character. He's one of those seemingly OP-ed types who can destroy enemies with one hand or send hordes of enemies to bring in the nightmares for even the best players.

"Ultron's been the bane of Super Heroes in the past, very nearly destroying life on Earth as we know it—and now Marvel Heroes 2016 players get the chance to wield some of that power, as they show their enemies why Ultron can't be stopped."

Marvel Heroes 2016 was launched back in January. It already boasts a number of Steam achievements, features, costumes and superheroes.