Check Out Captain America’s Statue at Comic-Con & Custom Comic

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The Cap is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year. And while we all know that he's getting a 13-foot statue, we didn't think it was going to be this cool.

Marvel has officially given us the first look at Captain America's bronze tribute statue, seen below. Attendees of the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 will have the privilege of posing beside this commemorative statue at booth #2329.



For those who can't go to the event but live around or near Steve Rogers' hometown of Brooklyn, Captain America's statue will be displayed at the Children's Corner of Prospect Park following a kick-off on Aug. 10. Fans who will miss that can still check out the statue outside Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue the month after on September.

So far, the last pit stop recorded is for October until the rest of 2016, where The Cap's statue will be checked in at the" Beyond" in Industry City.

But if your schedule can't fit any of those, there's still a way to "own" a copy of the statue. At the Comic-Con and in future Captain America events, Entertainment Weekly reported that Marvel will make a new one-shot custom comic book available for purchase.

The custom edition comic book is simply titled Captain America and will feature the big Marvel names, including Marc Sumerak, Marc Laming, Wayne Faucher, and Chris Sotomayer.

Seen in the cover below, it showcases an illustration of the Captain America statue. The storyline will also reportedly integrate the statue in it, though no details for this had been provided.


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