Can Chainsaw Man Beat the Darkness Devil?

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Can Chainsaw Man Beat the Darkness Devil Denji
Credit: MAPPA
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Although Denji is a hybrid, he had beaten many formidable opponents including many of the most powerful devils in the anime and manga. But can Chainsaw Man beat the Darkness Devil? Here's what we think!

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga in this article.


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Who Is the Darkness Devil?

Can Chainsaw Man Beat the Darkness Devil Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

The Darkness Devil is a powerful devil that embodies humanity's fear of darkness and dark places.

Its shape is the stuff of nightmares as its body is composed by various human parts, including four human faces, which all look quite unsettling.

While the devil's limbs are also comprised of human parts, they look insectoid due to their position.

The devil's upper limbs are stretched out, holding what seems like a cape of darkness.

Can Chainsaw Man Beat the Darkness Devil
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Shonen Jump+

We meet the Darkness Devil in the International Assassins arc of the ongoing Chainsaw Man manga, where it is the secondary antagonist.

It appears when the Hell Devil takes several of our main characters to Hell, in what becomes the closest Chainsaw Man has ever gotten to classic horror anime vibes.

Without spoiling too much about this excellent arc, this devil proves a challenge even for Makima's powers and manages to hurt her pretty badly.

The Public Safety squads escape Hell without defeating the Darkness Devil, causing fans to wonder if it would be within Chainsaw Man's abilities to defeat him.

Can Chainsaw Man Beat the Darkness Devil?

Can Chainsaw Man Beat the Darkness Devil Denji

Chainsaw Man has defeated many devils that originally seemed unbeatable, causing us to believe that he could beat the Darkness Devil. However, as he hasn't done so yet, we can only speculate based on what this scary devil can do.

Perhaps, future Chainsaw Man manga chapters will allow us to meet the Darkness Devil again and find the answer.

Remember that in the Chainsaw Man universe, a devil that is killed on Earth is reborn in Hell and vice versa, so many fans theorize that eventually, Denji might revisit Hell to find Power.

If that happens, he could end up having to fight the Darkness Devil Again.

What Are the Darkness Devil's Powers and Abilities?

Darkness Devil Powers and Abilities Makima
Credit: MAPPA

The Darkness Devil can manipulate darkness, as well as create a blade of darkness that telekinetically attacks its enemies.


Moreover, the Darkness Devil is able to manipulate invisible force in a way akin to Makima's telepathic murders.

To make matters worse for its opponents, the Darkness Devil can also block others' regeneration, causing long-lasting damage in some occasions.

All the above would make it very hard for Denji to beat the Darkness Devil as the feat would likely require more resourcefulness than normal.

However, we don't think it's entirely impossible, given that Chainsaw Man was able to defeat a foe like Makima.

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