Is Power Immortal in Chainsaw Man?

Is Power Immortal in Chainsaw Man Power
Credit: MAPPA

Is Power Immortal in Chainsaw Man Power
Credit: MAPPA

In Chainsaw Man Episode 10, Kishibe starts training Power and Denji. In the process, he beats them up very badly, as they can take a lot of damage and recover relatively easily. But is Power immortal in Chainsaw Man, or is it more complicated?

Spoiler Warning: There are some spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga and anime below!

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Here's Some Chainsaw Man World Building First

Chainsaw Man World Building Power
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Credit: MAPPA

Power is a fiend, that is, a devil who has taken over a human corpse. Normally, this union results in a creature with low intelligence, but Power is an exception, which is why she has been taken in by Public safety rather than executed.

The girl that used to have the body that's now inhabited by the Blood Fiend, also known as Power, is already dead, though her brain remained intact.

The Blood Devil, on the other hand, can be eliminated but not killed off for real.

As a Blood Fiend, Power's abilities mean that she's hard to kill. Even if she sustains mortal wounds, she can heal relatively easily if she consumes blood.

Moreover, the Chainsaw Man manga reveals that if a devil is killed on earth, they are reincarnated in hell. When they die in hell, they get reincarnated in the world, making for a vicious cycle that ensures a devil will always exist in some form.

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So, Is Power Mortal or Immortal?

Is Power Mortal or Immortal Power
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The answer to whether Power is mortal or immortal is that it's complicated. Power is nearly immortal, and what kills a lot of humans in her Public Safety Division will likely not be fatal to her. But of course, like all devils, she can be defeated as well.

Remember that fiends are not as strong as full devils and the anime has already depicted Denji destroying more than a few devils, which means Power isn't utterly indestructible. But there's a catch.

While this hasn't been shown to happen in the manga yet, the Blood Devil would be reincarnated in hell if Power died. But in that case, she would likely not have memories of her time as Power.

The Blood Devil could therefore come back as a devil, a new fiend, or even a hybrid on some rare occasions, but Power's identity would be lost either way.

How Could Power Be Killed, Then?

How Could Power Be Killed Power
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Credit: MAPPA

Power could be killed under extreme conditions. For instance, if she was dismembered and did not get a chance to drink blood and restore herself.

It would be very difficult for a human to kill her unless they were contracted with a devil, and even then, she would probably stand a good chance at survival.

The surest way to kill someone like Power would be thru a fight with a very strong devil.

For the sake of a good viewing experience, we won't reveal whether anything like this happens, but the manga has all the answers!

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