Call It Love Stars Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung Share Details About Roles in Disney+ Series

Credit: DISNEY PLUS KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: DISNEY PLUS KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Call It Love Kdrama series will arrive on Disney+ soon.

The rise of demand for Kdrama series and movies led streaming sites to expand their catalogs and add Korean-related flicks. As for Disney+, it notably features hit Kdrama series, including Snowdrop, Big Mouth, Shadow Detective, Connect, Rookie Cops, and Soundtrack #1.

The streaming platform is set to add another Kdrama series this year.

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Call It Love To Arrive on Disney+

Call It Love cast members and creators recently held a press conference to talk about the Kdrama series.

On Tuesday, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, and their colleagues sat for an interview in Dongdaemun District (via The Korea Times). The lead stars, on the other hand, shared further details about their characters.

Call It Love is a Disney+ original series that explores the life of Shim Woo Joo (Lee Sung Kyung), who faces a crisis after discovering her father's extramarital affair. She gets kicked out of their home, prompting her to take revenge on the mistress' son, Kim Young Kwang's Han Dong Jin.

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Woo-joo has lived in pain for a long time after having the things she valued taken away from her," Lee Sung Kyung said. "When we say it is a revenge story, many would think of this as a cathartic, dynamic revenge-genre series. But Woo-joo is a person who doesn't have what it takes to get revenge. As she leaps to protect something special to her, she finds herself experiencing an unexpected feeling."

Lee Sung Kyung, KimTo Portray Their Characters PerfectlyPerfectly Portray Their Characters

Due to their characters, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang reportedly decided to avoid each other on set so they could portray their characters the way they should be.

By not talking during filming, the lead stars managed to stay in character so the scenes would be able to touch viewers' hearts.

According to Kim Young Kwang, they are close friends in real life, so they had to do something to help themselves play their roles.

"Towards the beginning of the shooting, I tried to avoid Lee. I felt like I shouldn't step out of Dong-jin's persona. Since we are so close already, it didn't feel right to joke around and have fun with her (on the set)," the actor said.

Lee Sung Kyung did the same in order to have the hostility her character has toward his character.

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