Bumblebee Sequel Might Be More Michael Bay-Influenced

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Bumblebee was a nice little film that surprised many, thanks to the fact that it was actually good. Rather than focusing on explosions or women's bodies, the movie decided to tell a nice little story that was reminiscent of movies like E.T. and The Iron Giant, which is probably why the film ended up being pretty good.

So fans are probably wondering why this producer from the movie wants to add some Michael Bay influences in the next movie. Seriously, why?!


Franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talked to Collider about the future of Transformers after Bumblebee, which includes a sequel to Transformers: Last Knight for some reason. It seems like the Bay movies will live on but Bonaventura wasn't done and revealed that he is hoping to see some Michael Bay-influence in a Bumblebee sequel.

"I know the nextTransformer, our attempt anyway, is to sort of do a fusion ofBumblebeeand the Bay movies. A little more Bayhem. And a little bit more of the character falling in love within the emotional dynamic of the movie. One of the things I want to do—and I hope we pull it off—is, we did it withBumblebeebecause he's so cute and he's so accessible, but he can't talk. I think the more human we can make these characters, the more people are going to like them."

Let's hope he just means adding more action because the last thing a sequel needs is some of Michael Bay's influence. Yuck.

Bumblebee will come to digital and Blu-Ray soon.

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