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BTS V Workout Routine: How He Stays In Shape In 2022

Some of the most popular and successful K-pop idols today are the members of BTS. Apart from mere talents and skills, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to achieve this kind of feat in the world of entertainment.

This explains why the Permission To Dance singers continue to work on almost every aspect of their career, as well as their lives. These include their respective visuals and appearances, and they invest in themselves as this is essential, especially in their field. Accordingly, having an efficient diet and workout routine is only fitting.

For V, he does several things to improve and maintain his overall appearance. Some publications have revealed what these "things" are, aside from his dance practices.

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About The BTS Vocalist's Fitness Regimen

India Times said that V is "extremely dedicated" to his fitness and diet. He pays close attention to these aspects, and he has done so in the last few years as a K-pop idol.

Alongside the dance practices, the BTS idol, and his other six co-members reportedly train every single day. They work and train "very hard" to maintain their shape and youthful looks.

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Dance Rehearsals Are Only One Thing For V

Dancing plays an important role in the health and fitness of the BTS members. This comes as the K-pop idols, including V, reportedly have to do their rehearsals for hours every day.

The length of their practices is also said to be much longer when they have performances, concerts, and engagements. With this, they already burn extra calories and do effective exercise.

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But, for the Sweet Night singer, dancing is not enough. He does cardio workouts, as well, to improve his weight and fitness further. It is not disclosed, however, what kind of cardio exercises he does.

In addition, V also ensures to keep up with his weight training for muscle gains. In one of his recent videos, fans even went "gaga" upon seeing him perform his lateral delt flys and lateral shoulder flys.

Although it appears to be the only routines the public has seen from the BTS member, it is likely that he does other forms, poses, and exercises for his muscles behind the camera.

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