BTS Suga's Diet Deemed 'Insane' And Here's Why

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

There is nothing Suga cannot or will not eat. This is a revelation the BTS member previously made, alongside J-Hope, according to Koreaboo.

Speaking to their fans virtually, the South Korean rapper acknowledged that he was aware of people thinking of him as a “picky eater.” He clarified, though, that this is far from the truth as he is the opposite of it.

Suga continued that this is the reason why he gains weight during tours. J-Hope echoed the statement, saying that it is already a “given” when they do their performances on stage across the country and the world.

But, even so, the K-pop idol ensures that he remains keen on keeping his “diet.”

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Why Suga's Diet Is One Of The Most Insane Among BTS

The BTS member’s love for food is well-known among his groupmates. But, some of them believe that his food choices are unusual, causing BTS Bomb to call it one of the “most insane.”

J-Hope and Jimin once talked about Suga’s meals and diet. They stated that the rapper “mixes orange juice with chicken breast.”

Jimin noted that their co-member also puts bananas in the mix, adding that it is “exactly how Suga eats.”

In the end, the two K-pop idols asserted that they would never eat like Suga.

Despite the unusual food choices and mixtures, the Agust D artist is strict with his way of eating. As reported, he never eats anything after 6 in the evening.

In addition, Suga also frequently skips meals, especially when they are in the studio. This is said to be a way to reduce the amount of food he consumes in a day.

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Cycling, Instead Of Dieting

Instead of calling it “dieting,” So Mag News refers to it as cycling. As explained, Suga does intermittent fasting and calls it the "6/18 diet."

The BTS member said that he “endures hunger” for 18 hours and eats for the next six hours. He eats whatever he wants for that span of time.

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