BTS V Grows Up As an Idol With His Inspiration's Help

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BTS V started expanding his connections and grew further outside the K-pop group.

Although he initially debuted as a vocalist of the K-pop group, V already became part of the TV and film industry by starring in several variety shows and TV series. Despite his blooming solo career, he does not want to leave the K-pop group and their fans -- who are loving them unconditionally – behind.

With his growth, he also faced a change which was not surprising for him at all.

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BTS V Pushing Himself More With His Inspiration

At the start of his one-on-one interview with Vogue Korea, V tackled how his MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) changed from being E (extraversion) to I (Introversion). While it can be treated as a massive change, he clarified that he is not scared about the change since he learned how to judge what's right and wrong.


Coming with that growth is more opportunities for him as a solo artist. As of the writing, he has already recorded 15 songs with Korea Music Copyright Association, and he credited his inspiration in everyday life as the main controller of his fate. For instance, he reportedly gets a lot of inspiration even when he does not travel a lot.

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Aside from his inspiration, he also believes in fate that reportedly helped him get the success he deserves.

"I do also believe in fate. However, would I have become a singer like I am now if I turn back time? That may not be the case. That's why I think of all this as luck that's like a breeze," he continued.

Elsewhere in the interview, he reflected on the biggest turning points in his life – meeting his now-co-members and debuting with them.

V Proud With Where They Began

Long before BTS conquered the international music scene, they were often regarded as a nugu group who came from a small company. Under Big Hit Entertainment, the K-pop group worked harder than anybody else and showed they could be number 1 despite not training under the industry's big three.


V explained, "Since we started off at a small company, something solid within us formed. My mindset has changed a lot as well. From those times, I thought of the members as another family."

V and his co-members are currently on vacation now. Once they come back, they would surely offer more to the group and their fans.

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