BTS V Calls Out Former Roommate RM Because Of This

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Credit: LQ KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Having a shared dorm unit is very common among K-pop groups. BTS V and his co-members are no different, as they have lived under one roof since their debut in 2013.

Over the years, though, the septet has relocated from one unit to another. Aside from changing locations, improvements in their living arrangements have become apparent as they rise to global stardom.

To date, the world’s most popular K-pop group now shares a lavish apartment somewhere in South Korea. This is apart from the respective luxurious properties that the idols have purchased on their own in the last few years.

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Why BTS V Recently Called Out RM

Despite having their own real estate portfolios now, and arguably their own rooms inside their shared apartment, V could not help but call out his former roommate, RM. Kpop Hit said that this happened during their 2022 FESTA “Dinner” last week.

While telling each other some stories about their lives a few years ago, the Sweet Night singer made a subtle remark about the person who woke him up in a “very unique manner.”

Without dropping any names, the idol said that they should not be turning on the lights on someone who is sleeping, and ordered them to “get the mosquito out.”

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J-Hope quickly picked up on what was happening and pointed fingers at their leader. As noted, the V and RM were roommates in one of their previous shared apartments.

The BTS leader initially defended himself, saying, “That’s seven to eight years ago,” before rhetorically asking, “Why are you still bringing that up?”

Following all the laughs and jokes, though, RM apologized to his co-member and former roommate.

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V And His Lavish Gangnam Apartment

The members of BTS reportedly still live under one roof. But, this has not stopped the idols from improving their respective real estate portfolios by making purchases in the last few years.

In 2020, V bought an apartment in Gangnam for ₩5.1 billion or $4.55 million. Koreaboo said that the BTS member paid the full amount in cash without taking out a loan.


Watch this space for more BTS V news.

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