BTS Fan Earns ARMYs' Respect After Making Commendable Move After Seeing RM

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BTS finally got the vacation they need, and ARMYs have been working harder to give their idols a smooth and memorable time off.

Since the pandemic began, BTS has worked continuously in South Korea and the US by releasing new music and attending several shows. Despite the health risks, they made sure that their fans would still get a hold of them, especially now that everyone has been dealing with different crises.

After their successful in-person tours, the group announced its extended vacation to allow members to recharge and get all the rest their needed. BTS member, RM, was still spotted in New York City before jetting home to South Korea. An ARMY who saw him did something heartfelt that the fandom saluted her for respecting the group's leader.

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ARMY Makes Amazing Move After Seeing RM

On Twitter a photo of RM walking through an airport in New York City went viral. Aside from the K-pop idol, the same image features a fan who decided to hide her BTS merch behind her back so she would not disturb RM and make him feel uneasy amid his vacation.


"When you see RM when you arrive to NYC. And yank your BTS merch off ur neck so he doesn't know you are ARMY," the caption said.

The fan seemingly felt conscious that she might disturb the K-pop idol, so she tried hiding her fan spirit and pretended not to know him.

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After the image went viral, the girl on the photo earned respect from other people in the fandom, saying she is a true fan for containing her feelings and respecting the leader's personal space.

BTS V, fortunately, experienced the same thing. He shared a message on his Instagram page thanking their fans for pretending not to know him for now before starting his vacation in Hawaii. He also acknowledged the fans' effort to ensure he could travel more comfortably in the country and at the airport.

RM Previously Praised An ARMY For a Similar Reason

Even before their second vacation started, ARMY constantly observed BTS' personal space during their previous break.


In 2019, the group's leader and the members sat down for an interview on iHeartRadio, where they shared their stories about Make It Right rerelease, career plans that year, and their fans. During the interview, RM spoke candidly about how much he wanted to tell ARMYs his gratitude for giving them space during their vacation time.

"They [the fans] were very generous. They saw the news and saw the articles. So, if someone bumped us on the street, they didn't…somebody didn't even talk to us," he said.

RM added their fans respected them – and that's the thing they want to have with ARMYs.

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