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IVE Grabs 2nd Win On The Show Since Debut

Credit: STARSHIPTV/YouTube Screenshot

IVE began dominating the music shows with their second win only a few weeks since their debut.

The most-awaited six-piece girl group from Starship Entertainment arrived years after the agency’s biggest girl group, SISTAR, disbanded. The new group presented six new faces to the public – Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo – and officially debuted on December 1 with their first single album, Eleven.

IVE, which is an abbreviation of the phrase I Have, became the latest group to debut under the label following Monsta X, WJSN, and CRAVITY.

Only a few weeks since their debut, the girl group already swept music shows and brought home their second win so far.

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IVE Wins Again With Eleven

In the December 14 episode of SBS MTV’s The Show, IVE stood against their contenders ATEEZ and Everglow. The groups made it to the potential first place after releasing Turbulence and Pirate, respectively.

After the show showed the official numbers, IVE took the trophy after garnering 7,376 points.

Other K-pop groups tried to score the episode’s win. The list of performers included Billlie, cignature, T1419, GHOST9, B.I.G, JUSANGCHEONHA, Ahn Ye Eun, Park Goon, and Pastel Girls.

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Their win on The Show became their second music show victory after winning at Show Champion on December 8. The debut track beat the music IVE’s seniors made.

The debut track outshined EXO Kai’s Peaches, TWICE’s SCIENTIST, EVERGLOW’s Pirate, and Lee Mujin’s When it snows.

IVE Also Sparks Controversy

Although IVE constantly leaves fans in awe, the group once became a subject of criticisms after presenting their new greeting.

On November 29, the group appeared in a video before their scheduled appearance on the idol show Weekly Idol. The group had not debuted yet when the video was released. However, they already made their greeting which they would use in every show they attend to.

They began by saying, “Dive into IVE!” before complementing it with a hand gesture where the members held their three fingers sideways to show the letter E.

Unfortunately, K-pop fans noticed that their hand gesture was very similar to the one being used by Yuehua Entertainment’s girl group, EVERGLOW, which debuted in 2019.

Neither of the labels already responded to the issue, but both of the groups’ fandoms asked everyone not to make an issue with the similarities between IVE and EVERGLOW.

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