BTS RM's Private Information Leaked by Korail Employee 18 Times; ARMYs Slam Railway Staff

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS RM's personal information was leaked several times by a KORAIL employee, leading her to face disciplinary action.

ARMYs called out the KORAIL staff, who works in the IT department, and her fellow employee after they reportedly invaded RM's privacy and obtained his personal information several times since 2019. The K-pop idol has since addressed the issue in an online post.

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BTS RM's Personal Information Leaked by KORAIL Staff

SBS 8 News (via Daum) reported that an employee of KORAIL, South Korea's national railway operator, accessed the Butter singer's personal information 18 times since 2019.

According to the publication, the employee gained access to his train ticketing information and his personal information, including his phone type, phone number, and address, among others. The customer information should only be used for work-related purposes.

However, the employee — who is an IT worker — accessed his information for personal use.

They said that they were only curious about it, so they accessed his information. The staff also admitted to checking his reservation details and went to see him in person.

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Aside from RM, the same employee looked up the personal information of a male KORAIL employee who became famous after making an appearance on a TV show.

The Korea Herald confirmed that KORAIL removed the worker from the position and currently facing disciplinary action. The company also announced that it made changes to the system, so an employee needs to seek approval before viewing personal details.

Following the release of the issue, RM responded to it by sharing an article about it alongside the emoji of a smiling face with cold sweat emoji.

It was not the first privacy issue RM faced, though.

RM's Privacy Was Previously Violated

In December, he and music producer Kang San visited the Hwaeomsa temple. YTN soon released a video, which he reposted after the details regarding his visit were also leaked.

"I appreciated the time that you took to talk with me, but who knew you would be going to reporters about it," he said before posting two more stories that read (in Korean): "Next time, I will visit a different temple in quiet privacy" and "#lowkeymustbelowkey."

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