BTS RM's Music Video for Wildflower Reportedly Plagiarized by Bangladeshi Singers; ARMYs Slam Foreign Musicians

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS RM’s fans called out Bangladeshi singers who reportedly plagiarized the idol’s Wild Flower music video.

RM became the third BTS member to mark his solo debut, following J-Hope and Jin. He dropped his solo album Indigo alongside its title track, Wild Flower (Playing with Wildflowers).

After releasing it, fans noticed that Bangladeshi singers seemingly copied RM’s music video for Wild Flower, causing the fandom to slam the international musicians.

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Tahsan Khan, Sushmita Anis Accused of Plagiarizing RM’s Music Video

On Twitter, ARMYs expressed their dismay after two Bangladeshi singers copied RM’s Wild Flower music video.

Sushmita Anis and Tahsan Khan released their single, Harai Bohudur, on Feb. 9. Fans immediately uploaded both music videos and highlighted the frames of the Bangladeshi singers that are similar to RM’s Wild Flower.

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Harai Bohudur also has the same CGI-storm effect and fireworks scene as RM’s video has. ARMYs also discovered that even the Bangladeshi singers copied RM’s concept for his trailer. While it listed Wild Flower in the video’s description as an inspiration, fans still criticized them over the move.

Among fans’ comments read:

“Pls, go report this MV!They fully copied wildflower's MV concept Without giving credit to RM! We all know how Namjoon worked his a$$ off for INDIGO ALBUM and for someone to NOT cr him is disrespectful.”
“Didn’t expect something like this from you Tahsan. Literally everything copied from BTS leader RM's solo track “wildflower” without credit. It's his 4 years hardwork.”
“I just woke and got a news about someone copying Namjoon 4 years hard work, I just watch haif the video but see the details, I’m sure 100% him should get in jail!! You can inspired the mv but copy is so wrong! ARMYs please report the mv Harai Bohudur ARMY PROTECT KIM NAMJOON.”

Sushmita Anis and Tahsan Khan are yet to address the issue. The comment section for the video, however, has since been disabled. Tahsan Khan also deleted the Instagram post where he promoted the song.

RM’s Wild Flower Milestones

Wild Flower serves as Indigo’s ninth track, and it features vocals of Cherry Filter’s Youjeen.

Before the release of the album, RM revealed it would be his album’s lead single in November. He then uploaded a preview of its music video on YouTube a few days later.

The song debuted No. 75 on Circle Digital Chart’s week 49 issue. It also scored 24th spot on Oricon’s Weekly Digital Singles Chart.

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