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BTS Suga Deemed The Group's 'Secret Fashionista,' And Here's Why

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

Fans and followers praise BTS for a lot of things. Aside from their talents and skills, they also obtain compliments for their overall visuals, which include their respective fashion statements.

Over the years, the public has seen how the seven K-pop idols dress themselves on different occasions and events. Although V usually takes the crown for being the most fashionable among the group, Pinkvilla reported that Suga is a low-key fashionista, as well.

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The "Secret" Stylemaker Of BTS

The publication asserted that the second oldest member of the septet is "slowly taking over the fashion mantle in BTS." While he remains true to his inspiration, this being the DC superhero Batman, Suga has been able to prove that his fashion game is also "on point."

As noted, Agust D sticks to basic black pieces, which has already become his iconic signature style. But, aside from his all-black ensembles, the K-pop idol wears other neutral and nude tones, as well. These include shades of white and grey and even hints of beige.

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Suga's Signature Looks, Styles

In Style previously listed all the signature styles and looks that the BTS member has shared before the public. Apart from the all-black outfits, he also has other iconic ensembles that can reportedly "cause a global meltdown."

Suga loves to wear headbands, and the look is said to be "equally as gorgeous on both sides of his personality."

As explained, his headbands appear "scorchingly hot" when the K-pop star wears them on stage. But, they also become "heart-melting cute" when he dons them in casual settings, like when shopping for groceries.

Other signature looks that are included on the list are him in his fuzzy sweaters and statement glasses. Although Jimin is claimed to be the first member to embrace the latter, Suga's "hits differently."

The publication included the BTS member's tuxedos and suits on the same list. Although it is not necessarily a "signature look" of Suga, he "wears them especially well."

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