BTS Jin Shared Skin Care Tips For Clear, Youthful Skin

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Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

South Korean celebrities always receive praise for their clear and glowing skin. This applies, as well, to the members of BTS, who each follow different skincare regimens.

The oldest member of the group once highlighted the importance of taking good care of his skin. In an interview with Allure back in 2017, Jin stated that his skin is what completes his appearance.

He noted that it is a “pivotal part” of his face, and considering that he values his visuals “very much,” it is essential for him to take care of his skin.

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Jin's Unconventional Skin Care Secret

In the same engagement, the BTS member spilled his secret to having youthful skin. He shared that if he “behaves young,” then his face becomes young, as well.

But, in the more regimen-related hack, Jin revealed that he “loves” sheet masks. He explained that they help him “make up for the lost moisture,” adding that they brighten up his skin.

The idol puts them on whenever his skin feels dry. Likewise, he does the same when he gets too much sun exposure.

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Skincare Products The BTS Member Uses

K Beauty Selections reported that Jin is a “fan” of belif, which is a Korean skincare brand. It has appeared to be his brand preference because fans have witnessed him using their products on various occasions through vlogs and shows.

Before officially starting his day, the BTS idol reportedly puts belif Classic Cream Ultimate generously on his face.

The publication, later on, named the other skincare products that Jin has, and all are from the same brand. These are the Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist and the Prime Infusion Repair Essence.

Meanwhile, Jin usually receives praise and compliments from fans and followers. But, last week, co-member J-Hope left a positive remark on his Instagram post.

The BTS member posted a bare-faced photo of himself. His groupmate said that he really looks good, alongside two emojis.


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