EXO D.O. Skincare 2022: How Kyungsoo Maintains Youthful Glow Explained

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Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Many individuals have seemingly become more interested to learn what EXO D.O. does for his skin. It comes after he returned from his military service "glowing" and young-looking.

The K-pop idol held a virtual engagement following his dischargement. He engaged with fans and followers and chatted them up, giving updates on how he had been doing.

Koreaboo said at the time that viewers could not help but get impressed with the idol's visuals, especially his skin. It even urged him to reveal his skincare secrets to help others achieve the same glow.

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EXO D.O. And Skincare

However, the EXO member has yet to disclose his skincare regimens or whether he has one. He has not talked about the matter, making it unclear how he maintains his youthful glow.

Even so, considering that having a skincare routine is not a new thing in the world of K-pop, it is likely that D.O. follows specific steps in taking care of his skin. Not to mention, most of his co-members have their own regimens, which they have already disclosed a couple of times in the past.

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Skincare Products Kyungsoo Likely Uses

While D.O. may have yet to share his skincare practices, his and his co-members' partnerships with cosmetic brands over the years seemingly hint at the products he likely uses for his skin.

One of the long-time endorsement deals the EXO members have had is with Nature Republic. Reports noted that the idols' partnership with the label began in 2013, about a year after their debut.

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In the nearly ten years of working together, Kyungsoo and the rest of the group have endorsed numerous products from the brand, and they are mostly for skincare.

On Nature Republic's YouTube Channel, there are several clips and videos of the Love Shot singers, featuring some of its products.

For D.O.'s part, he appears to have done a few ads, endorsing sunblocks and toners.


Watch this space for more EXO D.O. news.

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