ASTRO JinJin Home 2022: Is He Still Living With His Co-Members?

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Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO JinJin and the rest of the act recently made their comeback for the year. As they continue to move forward with their career in the world of K-pop, some seemingly wonder whether they still live under one roof.

The Drive To The Starry Road artists does not entirely share the details of their living arrangements. Although, they at times give fans and followers some insights into their dorm life.

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Living Under One Roof

JinJin and the rest of the group have lived in one unit since they debuted in 2016. It is believed, however, that they no longer reside in their first-ever shared dorm, with reports claiming they have already relocated to another property.

To date, it remains unconfirmed whether the members of ASTRO still live in their shared apartment. But, some have claimed that they still do, especially as they remain active in the world of K-pop.

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ASTRO JinJin On Moonbin As His Roommate

While details about their living arrangements have remained scarce, the ASTRO leader once talked about his co-members and named Moonbin his roommate. He once revealed that they "talk a lot" because they share a room inside their dorm.

AllKpop said the exchange occurred when JinJin met up with News1 for its special interview series, I Am The Leader, in 2020.

In the engagement, the K-pop idol stated that he and Moonbin "take care of each other mutually." He also revealed that they "cover for each other" at times because they happen to be "a little careless," adding that they "miss important things."

JinJin continued that he and Moonbin chat most of the time because they are roommates. He said they talk about their "work," including "ASTRO and the team's growth."

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Room Arrangements In ASTRO's Dorm

Meanwhile, Koreaboo reported at the time that Cha Eun Woo was the only member who had his own room inside the shared dorm. As stated, he won the space after winning a ladder game.

But, recent reports have suggested that this is no longer the same room arrangement inside the dorm of ASTRO. It is claimed that the six idols have since obtained their own spaces.

Watch this space for more ASTRO JinJin news.

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