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BTS Jin Girlfriend 2022: Idol's Ideal Type, Celebrity Crushes Uncovered

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jin is among the most successful K-pop idols today. He and his co-members have amassed fans and followers in almost all parts of the globe.

With the global stardom he and the rest of the group has to date, the spotlight remains on them. Accordingly, the interest over the idols, especially their personal lives, continues to develop.

One of the things many individuals want to know about Jin is his love life. While details remain scarce with regard to his romantic ties and relationships or whether he had had some, he reportedly previously gave fans some insight into his ideal type and celebrity crushes.

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About The Idol's Ideal Type

Channel-Korea said Jin prefers someone who is "cute" in terms of the visuals. But, as for the skills, it is claimed that he wants a girlfriend who can cook as he himself loves doing it.

Personality wise, the BTS member reportedly likes someone who can laugh at his jokes. As noted, he is fond of the so-called "dad jokes," so he would prefer if his future partner could appreciate such humor.

The outlet later added that the eldest member of the act does not have specific preferences when it comes to age. It is said that he does not care whether his partner is younger or older than him.

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BTS Jin And His Reported Celebrity Crushes

A 2020 report from Cheat Sheet unearthed what Jin previously revealed about his celebrity crushes. As reported, he named a few of them, including the Hollywood actor he admires the most.

Brad Pitt is reportedly one of the BTS hyung's crushes in the entertainment industry. It was said that his "desire to be an actor" led him to his admiration for the As Astra star.

Aside from Pitt, the K-pop idol is also said to have a "weakness" for Anne Hathaway.

Meanwhile, Jin has not publicly dated anyone since he debuted as a member of BTS.

Watch this space for more BTS Jin news.

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