ASTRO MJ Skincare 2022: Does He Follow A Routine Like Rocky, Sanha?

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Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop idols follow various skincare routines to take good care of their skin, as well as their overall visuals. While ASTRO MJ has yet to disclose the specific steps he does for his skin, it would not come as a shock if he has a regimen.

Unfortunately for avid fans and followers, the group’s main vocalist has yet to dwell into details when it comes to his skincare. He, nevertheless, once told Allure in 2018 that wearing makeup and sporting hairstyles help him with his confidence when taking the stage.

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Following Skincare Regimens Of Co-Members

In the same engagement, the rest of ASTRO disclosed how they do their respective skincare routines. Among all the members, it is Rocky and Sanha, who follow “extensive” regimens, which feature surprising steps and ingredients.

While the former revealed that he utilizes contact lens solutions for his face, the group’s maknae uses diluted vinegar. Leader JinJin, later on, shared that they have tried the latter’s “glass skin secret,” adding that they heard “it’s really good for your skin.”

The K-pop idols did not tell, however, which members have tried the diluted vinegar step for their respective skincare regimens. Hence, it remains unclear whether MJ has done it, as well.

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ASTRO MJ Took A Break From Official Activities

Earlier this year, MJ took a hiatus from the group’s official activities due to “health reasons.” Agency Fantagio made the announcement and disclosed some details about the idol’s condition.

In its official statement, it stated that the ASTRO member “discovered a health problem during recent activities.” This led him to visit the hospital “for a thorough check-up.”

Upon doing so, the label said it decided to “temporarily suspend all activities according to the doctor’s opinion,” which is for MJ to take “sufficient rest and treatment.”

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About His Upcoming Enlistment

The K-pop idol eventually returned to his career activities. Earlier this month, the six-member group held a fan meeting in celebration of their sixth anniversary.

During the engagement, MJ gave an emotional speech and announced his military enlistment in May.


ASTRO will make a comeback sometime this year, with some claiming that it would be next month. It remains unclear whether the main vocalist will still be part of it due to his enlistment.

Watch this space for more ASTRO MJ news.

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