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BTS RM Fashion: Why Fans Deemed Him 'The Epitome Of Casual Cool'

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

RM may not be the most fashionable among BTS. Even so, he remains an enthusiast of fashion, with fans calling him the “epitome of casual cool.”

College Fashion reported that avid followers already know his “laid-back sense of style.” As seen in his outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) posts, his aesthetics, in terms of sartorial pieces, manifest a great deal of relaxation and calmness.

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RM As The Embodiment Of "Casual Cool"

The publication released a run-down of RM’s most casual ensembles, yet fashionable and stunning.

“Neutrals” is the first on the list, saying that the BTS leader is fond of muted and neutral tones. Most of his clothing items are reportedly in the shades of beige, brown, and cream.

Next to neutral pieces, denim is said to be an “obvious staple” of the South Korean rapper’s closet. He even, at times, goes for an all-denim look and complements it with different kinds of accessories.

Thirdly, RM reportedly has a penchant for coats and jackets. But, apart from the cold winter in his home country, it is a wardrobe essential for him to go well with his base outfits.

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The BTS Member's Signature Styles, Looks

Soompi released a similar report, listing some of RM’s signature styles. Apart from the three above-mentioned looks, there are a few more others that the public considers as his go-to look.

The publication noted that alongside the simple lines, tribal-like prints, and oversized pieces, the BTS member also appears to be fond of full-urban aesthetics.

He seemingly materializes this in his most minimalist ensembles and fall-ish looks. He mixes casual and hip in many of his styles, making a relaxed outfit look “powerful” and fashionable.

RM is also an all-time fan of overalls. He has reportedly previously “declared” his love for the pieces because of the comfort it provides while maintaining the sense of fashion and style.

Lastly, reports call him the “King of Styling-Accents,” as well. The style is even referred to as the “RM Combo” because it has become his well-known go-to look for appearances and engagements.

The BTS member, as it happens, knows how to accessorize all the time. He appears to have used almost all kinds of accessories, including glasses, scarves, hats, and pieces of jewelry.

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