BTS Fashion 2022: How To Dress Like V?

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

The seven members of BTS have come a long way since their debut in 2013. Aside from the transformations they have had over the years, they have also cultivated their respective senses in fashion.

The K-pop idols have distinct styles, and fans have always seen them through performances and engagements. But, among all, though, it is V that many deem the “most stylish” member of the group.

Reports said that he has the “most clearly defined style” among the rest. This is why he never fails to give some of today’s “major style goals.”

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Dressing Like V Of BTS In 2022

Koreaboo listed some of V’s signature looks and styles that many fans would like to try. These include his chic collared coats, vintage cardigans, and sweater vests.

Although he usually wears pieces from luxurious brands, the publication said that more affordable similar pieces are widely available in several clothing stores and shops.

The BTS member also appears to love accessorizing his ensembles. Alongside the large stylish spectacles, he “sprinkles” his overall looks with unique accessories from independent artists.

In addition, he is fond of incorporating “classic” headpieces into his style, like those signature bright-colored berets.

The Sweet Night singer is not also afraid of going “bold” with prints and patterns. He reportedly likes to mix and match and go for “overwhelming” and “eye-catching” designs.

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"Be You," And Personalize

The same outlet continued that V wears pieces that appeal to him, whatever they may be. Regardless of the norms in fashion, as well as the opinions of others, he goes for anything that he likes, causing him to stand out further.

Being “himself” appears to be one of the key points of his style. This is more apparent in his personalized items, as he also loves to do arts and crafts using his own pieces.

AllKpop said that the BTS member’s love for personalizing sartorial pieces has repeatedly inspired many fans and followers across the globe. Over the years, many ARMYs have already shown their own works in an effort to improve their respective styles.

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