BTS Members Name Hardest Choreographies They Ever Did Since Debut

Credit: SPOTIFY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SPOTIFY/YouTube Screenshot

BTS has been living proof that seven individuals can harmonize, as well.

In the past years since its debut, BTS has been wowing fans with its dynamic and synchronized dance moves. Although they have respective roles in the group, all members show enthusiasm and give their all whenever they dance.

With over 200 songs, the septet learned hundreds of choreographies, as well.

But among those dances, members recently picked the hardest and most challenging ones.

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BTS Members Name Most Challenging Dances They Have

On Spotify’s YouTube channel, the Dynamite hitmakers sat down for an interview in which they shared the choreographies they found extremely challenging to dance.

V shouted ON immediately, and Jungkook and J-Hope immediately agreed to him. The track includes a dance break which the members always perform to perfection. Despite that, it remains one of the hardest choreographies they ever did.

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“It is the most challenging track to perform if we perform the dance break version,” Jungkook explained.

Jin, meanwhile, said that IDOL is the most challenging, but the maknae disagreed and insisted that ON is the hardest among their songs.

For Jimin, Fake Love still has the most challenging choreography compared to ON. He explained that performing the latter song gives them energy, but Fake Love makes them pour all their energy out.

Suga ended the argument and said that all lead songs have the hardest choreographies.

Who Are BTS’ Choreographers?

Since its debut, BTS has been working with five internationally acclaimed choreographers.

Its frequent collaborator, Son Sung Deuk, has been Big Hit Entertainment’s performance director for decades and continuously worked with the group since the beginning. He famously made the choreographies for Danger, Run, and Black Swan.

Meanwhile, the husband-and-wife team Keone and Mari Madrid graced the stage by creating the dance moves for Fire, Not Today, and DNA.

The other choreographers are Sienna Lalau (ON and Dionysus), Brian Puspos (Jimin’s Serendipity), and Rie Hata (Mic Drop, Anpanman, and Airplane pt. 2.

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