Choo Sa Rang Now: Former The Return of Superman Star Shows Massive Transformation Years After Appearing in Variety Show

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Choo Sarang surprised her fans, who met her through The Return of Superman, with her massive transformation.

Choo Sarang, whose parents are model Yano Shiho and MMA star Choo Sung Hoon, famously appeared in the Korean TV show. She was known for her hilarious reactions and entertaining interactions with her father from the beginning of the broadcast in September 2013 to March 2016.

Although she had to leave the show to give way to younger stars, Choo Sarang still had her fans — and she earned more supporters because of her current status.

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Choo Sarang Looks Like a Real Model Now

Although her parents still share updates about her, the recent photos shared by her mother surprised everyone as she looked like she would soon follow in Yano Shiho’s footsteps.


The model shared photos of her daughter on Instagram, writing, “Beach day. Summer Vacation. Children playing on the beach together."

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The young celebrity went to a beach with her mother’s friend and the friend’s daughter. The four were seen walking and running on the beach together.

Choo Sarang grew taller and started developing long, skinny legs like her model mother.

In the post’s comment section, fans praised Choo Sarang and expressed their desire to see her as a model more often.

Choo Sarang On Pursuing a Modeling Career

Years after appearing in The Return of Superman, Choo Sarang made her debut as a fashion model in France in 2018. She received an invitation to walk at a fashion show for children’s clothing.


Last year, her mother formally announced that Choo Sarang would debut as a model alongside her cousin and Yano Shiho's niece, Hime Yano, under the matriarch’s company, Shiho & Style.

As of press time, her family lives in Hawaii and has been spending the past years in the country.

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