BTS Member V Disgusted Over Fake Dating Rumors: 'Pathetic'



BTS member V dismissed the recent dating rumors in the most epic way.

For the first time since his debut, BTS member V found himself in the middle of dating rumors after the public reportedly spotted him with the daughter of Paradise Group's chairman.

It immediately became a huge issue as K-pop idols are not allowed to date under their contracts since agencies believe it could affect the music business negatively. Although nothing was proven true, internet users spread baseless rumors online.

In the end, it caused V to break his silence.

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BTS V Dismisses Dating Rumors

BTS Member V Disgusted Over Fake Dating Rumors: 'Pathetic'
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The 25-year-old singer posted an update on his Weverse account, saying he wants to sing BTS' diss-track UGH on Friday. The song is from their fourth studio album, Map of the Soul: 7, that expresses disgust and highlights a story of being criticized.

He followed his post with another update, saying, "In my dream tonight I'll shoot poison at the back of their necks. Watch the back of your necks."

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Following his statements, his name appeared on the top trending list again. His fans began to defend the idol and slammed those people who spread the groundless dating rumors.

The K-pop idol's comment resonated with an early statement from his label, HYBE Labels. The company already dismissed the claims, saying that the dating rumors are not true. Their exclusive message also explained that V and Choi Yoon Jung's family are only friends.

Proof That BTS V Is Not Dating

BTS Member V Disgusted Over Fake Dating Rumors: 'Pathetic'
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Following V's Weverse update, a Korean Twitter user shared a thread on Twitter containing all proof that the idol remains single as of the moment.

Initial reports revealed that the BTS member was spotted at the VVIP preview event for the Korea International Art Fair 2021. The only photos that went viral feature V and the Paradise Group's chairman, his wife, and their daughter. One photo shows the singer standing beside the magnate's daughter.

V's fan, however, shared more photos from the event showing the K-pop idol walking around the fair alone. He reportedly attended the same event in 2019, so it should not be an issue if he appeared again at the fair.

The same Korean fan questioned the naysayers as V would surely not bring her girlfriend at an event where paparazzi are present. Spotting him with the businessman's family was also expected as BTS has already performed multiple times at the family's Paradise Hotel.

Now that V himself indirectly debunked the dating rumors, fans hope that there will no longer be another dating scandal like this in the future.

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