BTS Jungkook Skincare Includes Apple Cider Vinegar, And Here's Why

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Getting pimples is one of the most common skin problems that many people have. The youngest member of BTS is no exception and even finds it “stressful” when he gets them sometimes.

This is likely one of the reasons why he remains diligent in his skincare routines. Similar to his co-members, Jungkook emphasizes the importance of taking care of their skin, starting with hydration and adequate sleep.

But, apart from the most practical approaches to maintaining his clear and youthful skin, the K-pop idol also incorporates a very uncommon skincare product into his regimen.

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The Purpose Of Apple Cider Vinegar On Jungkook's Skin

As shocking as it may be, Jungkook uses Apple Cider Vinegar for his skin. Cheat Sheet recalled that he made the revelation on Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio interview back in 2015.

The BTS maknae explained that he added the common kitchen ingredient to his skincare routine because he learned its benefits to the skin. He shared that it helps get rid of scarring, which usually happens after getting pimples.

The K-pop idol noted that he dilutes it in water and washes his face with the solution. He only does this twice a week, though, as it may reportedly dehydrate the skin due to its high acidity property.

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The BTS Maknae's Skincare Routines, Product Preferences

The seven members of BTS rarely talk about their skincare regimen in detail before the public. But, in a previous interview with Allure, the septet dwelled on their respective skincare habits, problems, products, and regimens.

For Jungkook, pimples are his biggest skin concern. However, he did not share how he manages or deals with it.

Nevertheless, the K-pop idol revealed that his skincare routine focuses on toners and creams. He said he uses them every day and every night, as consistency is the key.

When asked, however, about some secrets or tips to having clear and glowing skin, the BTS maknae does not seemingly have any. He responded that he wishes to have one, and asked the interviewer, instead, adding that he would try it.


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