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BTS Jungkook's Luxurious Apartment Minutes Away From Group's Dorm: Report

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS reportedly has the highest net worth figure among all K-pop groups today. This equally makes its seven members some of today’s wealthiest K-pop idols across South Korea.

With the septet’s respective wealth, it is not surprising that each of them already has their own real estate portfolios. Some of them are even said to have made investments in luxurious properties across the country.

Jungkook is among the members who made some of the most recent real estate purchases. Pinkvilla said he bought a new property in late 2020, costing him billions of Korean won.

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Is Jungkook Living Minutes Away From BTS Dorm?

The “Golden Maknae” of BTS made his real estate purchase in Itaewon, which reports deem a “plush locality” in South Korea. As stated, he shelled out ₩7.63 billion (or $6.4 million as of the time of writing).

The property, which Jungkook reportedly bought in November 2020, is said to be a “single-family” unit. This means that it is a “detached” or a “standalone house.”

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Despite the property being situated within the vicinity of Itaewon, it is only five minutes away from the official dorm of BTS. Fans would recall that the group’s unit is in Nine One Hannam, which is also home to numerous celebrities.

It is unclear, however, whether the Still With You singer resides in his Itaewon home. As reported, the seven K-pop idols still live together in their dorm.

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A Property Purchase In 2018

This is not the first property purchase Jungkook made in South Korea. Koreaboo previously reported that his first property was a unit in the luxurious Trimage apartment complex in the Seoul Forest area.

The K-pop idol was said to have shelled out about ₩1.95 billion ($1.6 million as of the time of writing) for the property in 2018. He, however, sold it two years later due to undisclosed reasons.

The BTS member did not likely reportedly make any profits from selling the unit. He unloaded it from his portfolio in July 2020, months before buying the Itaewon property.

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