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BTS Jungkook Girlfriend 2021: Who is the K-pop Idol Dating Right Now?

BTS fans, ARMYs, have been curious about their idols' dating histories and their past girlfriends. Some of them even tried tracking their personal lives and looking into the social media accounts of the girls they previously got linked to.

However, no one ever dated openly among the members — not even its youngest member, Jungkook. Despite that, the K-pop idol stirred rumors as the list of reported Jungkook's girlfriends emerged in the past years.

Is BTS Jungkook Dating Anyone Right Now?

Here's good news to fans who want to steal Jungkook's heart: he is single and not dating anyone.

BTS Jungkook Girlfriend 2021
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As of 2021, BTS Jungkook remains single like what most of the fans like. Probably due to their hectic schedule, the young idol chooses to pour all his time performing with the group.

Since he debuted with other BTS members, Jungkook never admitted his potential dating status or publicly discussed it. Still, he once revealed that he dated a girl before becoming an idol.


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In one of the episodes of BTS' variety show, "America Hustle Life," the golden maknae confessed in the unreleased cut of Episode 5 that he started seeing a girl for weeks before refusing to meet her for their 200th day anniversary.

They reportedly decided to break up afterward.

"This was when I was young, and it was like I was in a relationship but not really in a relationship. When we're young, we would go out with each other as a joke and stuff," he went on. Jungkook then revealed he had never been in love in the first place.

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But it does not mean he never tried dating, though.

Park Sewon, the most popular girl on alleged Jungkook's girlfriends list, used to be the idol's classmate in middle school. The girl also confirmed their relationship in a post back in 2014. She then uploaded photos of her with Jungkook, proving their past private relationship.


Following BTS' debut, Jungkook became the talk of several dating rumors. Multiple news outlets alleged that he once dated DIA's Chaeyeon, Cube artist Ko So Hyun, Lee Mijoo, Lovelyz's Yein, IU, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose.

These reports should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as neither HYBE nor Jungkook ever confirmed a relationship report as of the writing.

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