07 Sep 2021 11:49 AM +00:00 UTC

BTS Jungkook Update: 'Butter' Singer's Episode On Melon Station Hailed The Most Streamed Since Launch


If you cannot get enough of BTS' Jungkook and all his major successes lately, here is another one. Korean media like Allkpop has reported that Jungkook's episode under "BigHit Music Record" has been the most-streamed episode on "Melon Station."

This official tally came after media outlets looked at statistics and achievements of the original content on "Melon Station" over the previous year.

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'Melon Station' Loves BTS Jungkook

"Melon Station" comes from Melon, a South Korean online music store and music streaming service that was started in 2004. It was developed by SK Telecom.

To give a little overview of the company, LOEN Entertainment or Kakao Entertainment was the company-in-charge of Melon in 2009. In 2017, Kakao merged Kakao Music into Melon to have just one, unified service for music streaming. Melon also organizes its awards show, the Melon Music Awards.

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A lot of artists utilize "Melon Station" to share their music, including BTS' Jungkook.

After analyzing the data, Korean news outlets reported Jungkook's episode on "Melon Station" is the most-streamed episode, receiving the highest number of streams among all episodes aired on the station since its launch.

BTS' episode under "Big Hit Music Records" came in second in the most-streamed episodes on "Melon Station."

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K-Pop Fans Are Rejoicing This Success

Fans on social media could not help but share their happiness about this success that BTS' Jungkook is enjoying.

Netizen @arya_jkera noted how Jungkook's popularity in his country is "insane," writing on Twitter:

"Biggest streaming platform in Korea where only Korean can access and Jungkook is the most streamed. His popularity in his own country insane (emojis)"

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Most-streamed on "Melon Station"? Netizen @KooldenCloset emphasized how this media is not even that huge, as it is one that is "organic" with many fans only knowing about it since the news stories are released, which tells a lot about the popularity of the K-Pop singer.

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BTS' Jungkook is not only able to bring in the most amount of traffic to "Melon Station," but also in other platforms like Vlive.

News outlets also recently reported that his latest Vlive was able to bring in the "most unique users" on the platform," utilizing this as an indicator that measures the global unique users of Vlive. Vlive is touted at rank one in the fandom application ranking in South Korea.

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