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Lee Min Ho Revelation: Ex-MOMOLAND Yeonwoo's Rumored Boyfriend Shares Shocking Details About His Life, Has Special Wish For His Fans

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Credit: Esquire Korea

Lee Min Ho has been away from the spotlight for quite some time now. The rumored boyfriend of ex-MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo was discharged from his mandatory military service on April 25, 2019. But, he did maintain a low profile up to this writing.

So, what keeps Lee Min Ho busy these days? Keep on reading to know more details about the City Hunter actor.

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Lee Min Ho Reveals Shocking Detail About His Personal Life

Lee Min Ho appeared in an interview for Esquire Korea magazine for the first time since reports about his alleged romantic relationship with former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo spread online. The Boys Over Flowers lead star divulged some interesting details about his personal life.

When asked about playing the role of Go Han Soo in the forthcoming movie called Pachinko, Lee Min Ho said he wanted to depict the image of the man of that era. The 34-year-old South Korean actor said his character is a man who does not know how to express his love to the woman who caught his heart.

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Lee Min Ho also stated that he usually just stays at home when he is not filming. The former boyfriend of Suzy Bae revealed he usually talks to himself during his idle time.

"I stay home a lot so I usually talk to myself a lot. Rather than talking about anything serious, I like talking about a lot of light playful things. When I meet with the people I meet with while filming YouTube, I talk with what we're doing and talk about the things we have in common."

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When asked about the thing he carries all the time, Lee Min Ho shared he usually has his phone with him. The Legend Of The Blue Sea star explains people, more often, have their phones with them as they could do many things with it.

Lee Min Ho was also asked what his most searched keyword is online. The Faith actor stated admitted that he searches his own name – usually his surname – online at least once a day.

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Lee Min Ho Shares Details Of His Role In Pachinko

During the same interview, Lee Min Ho also shared more details about his character in his imminent K-drama series Pachinko. The Hallyu superstar divulged the very thing he focused on when acting as Hansu. He said:

"I wanted to stay true to the character, so I focused a lot on how desperate they had to be to survive during that time."

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Lee Min Ho was also asked as to which character he would choose to live the rest of his life as. The Asian superstar, then, chose Tan from his hit drama series Heirs and added he simply would like to go back to high school.

"I want to do whatever I want for three years without the stress of entrance exams."

When asked what question he would like to ask his fans, Lee Min Ho said he wants to check if they are happy at the moment, especially with all the bad things happening in the world right now. Min Ho added he does wish that people around him would always be happy.

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