BTS Jungkook Reflects on Massive Changes Over the Past 10 years

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BTS Jungkook surely grew up as a better man alongside his co-members.

Despite his young age during the group’s debut, Jungkook showed off his skills and proved that he is a multi-talented member. Since he can sing, rap, and dance, he ultimately earned the nickname Golden Maknae who made a massive contribution in converting BTS to the great group they are now.

Years after the group debuted in 2013, the youngest member reflected on the biggest changes in his life and how his journey with the K-pop idols helped him grow.

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BTS Jungkook Grew Into Better Person, Idol

Jungkook, alongside the six other members of the K-pop supergroup, recently graced Vogue Korea for its January 2022 issue. During the individual interview, the youngest member opened up about several things – especially the changes in his life and how ARMY plays a massive part in his life.


According to Jungkook, his activities outside BTS helped him realize what he truly wants to do. Thus, he decided to live according to his will and own way. When the interviewer asked what eternal is for him since “art is eternal,” the K-pop idol said that life itself is both finite and eternal for him.

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With BTS, Jungkook knew his life changed drastically. Before becoming the most famous K-pop group in the world, the K-pop idols once worked hard to invite people just to watch them perform at their free concert in Los Angeles. This time, they can have thousands of attendees in minutes.

With such a huge change after a few years, Jungkook is reportedly in disbelief.

“I couldn’t wrap my mind around this situation recently. I guess it’s because we’re unable to meet the audience members in person. As much as I can’t believe it, I’ll have to work harder,” he went on.

ARMY Keeps Jungkook Going

With their growing fandom, Jungkook took his time to express his admiration and respect toward the members of their fandom, ARMY, who have been helping them spread their positive messages. In fact, some projects that the fans have launched so far were environmental and social-related events.


Jungkook, who has been known for his vocals and dance skills, reportedly achieved more because of ARMY. He thanked them for doing activities in line with what the K-pop group promotes. Thus, Jungkook is always inspired by them.

BTS and ARMY’s relationship is one of the most commendable connections between idols and fans. Now that the K-pop group continues to influence the world with their music, their fans assure they are always with them.

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