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Why BTS Jimin Splurged On A Decrepit, Rat-Infested Flat Complex

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

The seven members of BTS have earned and profited handsome amounts of money in their career as a K-pop group. Apart from their music productions, each of the idols also has released solo acts and engaged with several other ventures.

With the fortune they currently have, it is not surprising that they have made some investments over the years, like property purchases.

But, a move Jimin previously made in real estate seemingly shocked the public. Amid the pandemic, sources shared that he purchased a "decrepit," rat-infested flat in Seoul, according to South China Morning Post.

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Jimin Purchased An Old Flat Complex

The publication said that Jimin bought Banpo Jugong for $3.9 million. It is an old, flat complex beside the Han River and is said to be infested with rats.

When reports of the purchase made headlines, it reportedly had BTS fans scratching their heads. Apart from it being an old property, the move was a "dramatic contrast" to the rest of the group, considering they bought high-end apartments and estates.

Later on, though, fans and the media learned that it was a strategy on Jimin's part. As explained, the complex was due for a full restoration and remodeling.

Hence, it was a smart purchase because he bought it for a much lower price in comparison to the cost it would entail after the refurbishment.

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He Recently Bought A Luxurious Apartment, Alongside RM

In mid-2021, the BTS vocalist made another property purchase, along with the group's leader. Jimin and RM bought two units in the Nine One Hannam complex, according to Koreaboo.

The publication pointed out that it is the most expensive apartment complex in Seoul. This is why many refer to it as the "Beverly Hills of South Korea."

The two K-pop idols shelled out $5.3 and $5.9 million, respectively. Although both of the units have the same floor area, RM's chosen space reportedly features a veranda.

It remains unclear, though, whether they have already relocated to their new properties. But, it is believed that the seven members of BTS still have their apartment in The Hill, where they have lived since 2017.

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