BTS Jimin Diet: How He Lost Significant Weight In Ten Days Revealed

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Jimin is among the BTS members who tried crash diet programs in the past. The goal is to lose weight for their performances, as well as look good for themselves.

The group’s vocalist shared that he did the extreme regimen because he wanted to look “handsome” in front of the mirror. Reports said that this was during the Wings era amid working for Blood, Sweat, & Tears.

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He Lost 22 lbs (10 kg) In Ten Days By Doing The "Jimin Diet"

KpopStarz said that the diet has since been deemed the “Jimin Diet.” This involves an extreme restriction of meal consumption as the intake of food happens once throughout the day.

In short, the BTS member ate only one meal a day, although it is unclear what food he was taking at the time. There were claims, however, saying that he restricted himself to eating two chicken breasts per day for this regimen.

He accompanied it with lots of water, which helped him get through the rest of the day.

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He Now Follows A Healthy Diet

Jimin no longer follows the same diet because of its risks and dangers. He even reportedly experienced the adverse effects of the said regimen, causing him to fix his eating habits.

Channel-Korea said that the BTS member’s health suffered to the point of fainting during rehearsals. So, he replaced it with a proper diet, which involves him eating regularly.

It is unknown, though, the specific foods he eats these days. But, the publication reported that he prioritizes protein over fat and focuses on vegetables and fruits.

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Fourth BTS Member To Contract COVID-19

Fans and followers were in shock upon learning about Jimin’s recent hospitalization. As it happened, he contracted COVID-19 and received a diagnosis for acute appendicitis.

He underwent surgery on January 31 and has since continued to recover. On Saturday, Big Hit Music released a statement, notifying the public about the K-pop idol’s condition.

It revealed that the hospital already discharged the BTS member on the same day, according to Billboard.


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