BTS J-Hope to Release New Album After Announcing Boy Group's Hiatus

Credit: BANGTAN TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BANGTAN TV/YouTube Screenshot

BTS J-Hope remains ARMYs’ hope amid the group’s hiatus.

Fans were left broken after BTS bid goodbye temporarily to focus on the members’ individual projects. The supergroup clarified that, while they would take a break on group promotions, the members would offer solo albums and collaborations with other artists.

The announcement was made during their FESTA dinner, with the leader, RM, pondering how they achieved so much as BTS. As they began the second chapter in their careers, the members decided to allow themselves to grow and mature as individuals.

ARMYs understood that it would also give them time to rest after nine years of non-stop promotions, and J-Hope saved them from sadness by announcing his solo album.

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BTS J-Hope’s New Album Arriving Soon

After the FESTA dinner, BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement regarding the member’s future.

“BTS will begin a new chapter in which they will carry out team activities and individual activities in parallel. This will be a time for each member to grow through diverse activities, and we anticipate that this will foster BTS into becoming a long-running team in the future. We, the label, will actively support this,” it said.

J-Hope will be the first member to share his solo album. He is yet to release the details about the project, but he might focus on the upcoming Lollapalooza Festival first as he had been tapped as a headliner artist.

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He immediately broke a record by becoming the first Korean artist in history to be invited as one of the headliners.

At the same time, J-Hope took fans’ worries away by sharing a photo of his ankle with the number 7 tattooed on it. RM got the same tattoo he showed during the release of the group’s album, Proof.

BTS NOT Breaking Up

All members clarified that the hiatus does not mean they are breaking up. According to Jungkook, they would continue to work as a team while pursuing individual projects.

For instance, the maknae revealed they would record a video for Run BTS, one of the songs in their Proof album.

“We’re each going to take some time to have fun and experience lots of things. We promise we will return someday even more mature than we are now,” he went on.

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