UP10TION Kim Woo Seok Suffers Condemnation Over Alleged Animal Abuse

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

UP10TION member Kim Woo Seok faced backlash after displaying worrying behavior toward his dogs.

In the past years, Kim Woo Seok grew interested in adopting dogs and cats. He recently added two of them to his family despite the fact that he already has two dogs – Dda Dda and Ppo Ppo.

He already sparked concerns when he adopted the pets in 2020 despite the fact that he is allergic to cats. The public’s rage, unfortunately, grew further after a recent incident.

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Kim Woo Seok Called Out Due to His Behavior Toward His Dogs

In multiple videos and photos online, the idol was seen grabbing his dogs by their front paws. He mostly handled the paws of his Pomeranian, a dog breed that is known to have weak joints, in a rough manner.

What’s worse is that fans discovered that Kim Woo Seok’s manager is the one who takes care of his dogs especially grooming and cleaning them.

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Thus, the public called him out for adopting several pets all at once, although he could not take care of them himself.

They became more concerned after before and after photos of his dog seemingly showed his recklessness in handling his pets. The photos in question featured the Pomeranian looking well-groomed, while the other one showed the dog’s fur looking less fluffy.

Kim Woo Seok Sends Apology Statement to Fans

After the photos and videos surfaced, Kim Woo Seok apologized for his actions through a message on the Bubble app.

Per the K-pop idol, he would start studying his pets even more to be able to care for them properly.

"I am putting effort to be aware of all the situation! I am also giving a second thought to my wrongdoings and criticisms. I will put more effort and will study more. I'll try to study more so the babies can also be happier!” he said.

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