Single's Inferno Star Kang So Yeon Confirms Solo Single After Success of Netflix Series

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Single’s Inferno star Kang So Yeon finally found a way to become an idol again.

Before Single’s Inferno arrived, Kang So Yeon once became part of the K-pop/K-hiphop mixed group, WE. It debuted more than a decade ago under ent102.

She initially went by the name Rosie and was promoted with the three other members in their two albums. Kang So Yeon also signed a contract with JYP Entertainment and also debuted with Nine Muses.

After failing to debut as an idol, she finally found the chance to pursue music again.

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Kang So Yeon Announces Solo Music

On her Instagram account, Kang So Yeon revealed that she would be releasing a new single as a gift to her fans. She would drop the project under Brand New Music.

The post features a teaser photo of her flaunting her visuals. She also tagged Brand New Music’s account and wrote, “Special gift for you. Kang So Yeon single ‘Loca Loca.'”

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The agency confirmed the music’s arrival by sharing the same post on its Twitter page. It disclosed that the single would arrive on June 22 at 12:00 p.m. KST.

Kang So Yeon is yet to confirm whether the single will indeed continue her career in the music industry after losing her chance to debut in an idol group.

Kang So Yeon Shocks Fans With Another Post

Before her recent announcement, the Single’s Inferno star uploaded wedding photos in April, saying she was getting married.

“In fact, this is a photoshoot without a man. I hope someday I will meet a partner who really loves me a lot and I can take a photoshoot with my husband,” she said, clarifying her post.

It turned out that she had just modeled for a wedding magazine.

While waiting for her to find the perfect man in her life, fans can continue supporting her, especially now that she will be back in the music scene.

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